Sun Tint has “Sunshine… on a Cloudy Day”

It’s probably something we all know but it’s one of those things that’s easily forgotten.  When it’s sunny and your skin starts to get hot, it’s easier to realize when you’re getting a sunburn… But, a person can actually get a sunburn (which is caused by UV or ultraviolet radiation) even when it’s cloudy outside.  In fact, a phenomenon known as “cloud enhancement” of UV is possible meaning some types of clouds can actually intensify the UV rays as they head down toward us here on the ground.

So, remember to keep yourself safe by following sun safety guidelines and consider having window tint or window film applied to the windows of your car, truck, home or office… any glass that let’s in the sun’s rays.  Window tint has been shown to reject up to 99% of UV rays.  That way you can enjoy and benefit from the natural light while protecting yourself as much as possible.

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