Meet the Team

Russell Haertl owner – Since March 1982 (in tint/film industry since April 1980)
Proud Father of Will & Arden and Husband of Denise, Fanatical Advocate of “Old School ” Customer Service, Purist (no whipped cream with pumpkin pie… pie only!), Stickler for Perfect Workmanship, Animal Lover (pretty partial to Tucker!), Pirate at Heart, Avid Sailor, Sun Worshipper, Virgo, Longs to Cruise around the World on a Sailboat, Tiger, Trained Sous Chef, Believes Led Zeppelin is the Best Rock n’ Roll Band Ever, Traditionalist (all employees get pies in the face on their birthday… it’s tradition!), Prankster, “Son of a Son of a Sailor “, Meat Eater, ’61 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Owner, Parrot-head, Renaissance Man (he can fix anything?!?!), Humble Son of a German Immigrant.

Denise Haertl owner – Since November 2002
Wife of Russell and Proud Mother to Will & Arden, Aries, Monkey, Frustrated Accountant, Degreed & Licensed Interior Designer, Graduate of the University of Texas, Loves Springtime, Bayrat, Sandcrab, Obsessive-Compulsive, Adores Animals (especially Sam & Spike!), Avid Reader, Who is John Galt?, Crazy about Wind Chimes, Red Velvet Cake Eater, Chief Financial Officer, Really a Blond under all that Yucky Colored Hair, Wants to Learn to Play the Cello, Loves Horses, Lady Pirate, “I Could Have Danced All Night “, Sings in the Shower & to her Family, Wants to Learn Spanish, “In These Shoes? “I Doubt You’d Survive “, Family Gal, Fond of Taking a Nap in a Hammock on the Beach under a Palm Tree.


Ronnie Robinson – Since October 2003 (installing ppf since February 2007)

He’s Carter’s Pawpaw! Meghein’s Fella, Right-hand Man, Bryan’s Proud Pappa, Aries, M&M Memorabiliac, aka Hoy, Dallas Cowboys Rule, The Anwer is Yes, Bologna Eater, Peter Pan Wannabe, Gamblin’ Man, No Nonsense, Surfs Up in Hawaii, Rare Austinite, Thinks His Dad is Awesome, Longs to Drive a Racecar, Rooster, Mr. Happy Face, Go Vikings, Cheese-Mustard-and-Pickles-Only-Please, Pucker-up I’m Gonna Kiss Ya

Greg Jaimes – Since June 2002 (installing tint since April 2004)

One of two Sun Tint brothers! Nancy’s Guy, Mr. Devoted Family Man, Capricorn, Longs to live at the Beach, Black Knights, Low Rider, Nothing Better than an ’86 Cutlass “, Seafood is Great, Wants to Own Sun Tint when he grows up (Is he crazy?), Hawaii or Bust, the Longhorns Rule, Homeowner, Rey Misterio, EIGHT Kids (!), Snake, Longs to Play the Guitar


Pastor Jaimes – Since April 2008 (installing tint since June 2008)

Aries rule, One of two Sun Tint brothers! 8 Brothers & Sisters, Proud to be Mexican-American, Fly with me to Paris the City of Lights, Mexican food is homecookin’, Peace, Desidera per possedere un Ferrari! Vote PJ for President of the United States of America, “Dog “, Vegas Baby, “Thank you for flying Jaimes Airways “, Wants to see for himself if the rain in Spain really falls mainly on the plain, Dreams of building his own home… and he could do it too, Lucy’s Man

Nate Weir – Since May 2015 (installing tint since April 2000)
Wants to be “The Most Interesting Man in the World” when he grows up, Blue rules, Born in the Hawkeye State, He’s been to 40 of our 50 nifty states, Go Bulldogs!  He’s a talker (after he get’s to know ya), Is he twitching? Oh, that means he’s happy, Pizza Pizza Pizza, He’s actually flown a helicopter and he didn’t crash!  Paintless dent repair, think I’ll try that, Wishes for a Lamborghini, He can strum a guitar, A house of his own is his desire but he wants to travel often, Aries, “According to the map, we’ve only gone 4 inches” – Dumb & Dumber, Seether Rocks! Powered Paragliding… yeah, it’s a thing and yeah, he does it!


Jessy Ezell – Since February 2014 (installing tint since June 1992)

Proud Father, His favorite food is whatever Lisa cooks… Mmm mmm good!, born in New Mexico – Land of Enchantment, Pittsburgh Steelers!, Longs to be a Financial Guru, Gemini, Loves his Mamma, Someday he’ll relax at Pink Sand Beach Bermuda, sports sports sports, He’s gonna master smoking the perfect brisket, Yeah, he’s a Rat and rat’s are great, Blue is cool, 8 Seconds: “It’s guts and love and glory, one mortal’s chance at fame. His legacy is rodeo, cowboy is his name.”, Gotta love a Lexus, Boating & Fishing – yes, Tinting is his game and proud of it!!!

Brook Greenberg – Since October 2015
Smiling is my favorite, She’s a proud of her 2 beautiful girls!  Brandon’s Gal, She can jam on a kazoo, Capricorn, Happy colors orange & yellow, Longs to learn sign language, Go Rebels!  Music is good for the soul and makes the day go by, Wants to be a detective when she grows up, Horse, She’s a Texas born girl, “Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies” – The Shawshank Redemption, Headed south to the border “Taco Bell”, Wants to travel to Fiji & Hawaii

Sergio Jaimes-Martinez – Since February 2015
Aka Jackie Chan, Aries, One of 3 Sun Tint brothers!  Loves his Familia, It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!  He’s a video gamer, Beer on the back porch? Yes!  Latina Musica and he’s got a good singing voice, Let’s just relax, Marvel & DC movies are awesome!  He’s fiddled around with a violin before (pun intended), He’s gonna invest his money, Working on his telekinetic powers, Loves Mexican home-cooking, Thinks his parents are wonderful, He’ll take a sports car anyday, Azul, Clark Kent is awesome, He’s funny!  He’s outgoing!  He’s open-minded!  And… Ladies, he’s single!!!!

Sammy Haertl

“Hi! I just met you but I love you “, Golden Retrievers do it golden, Scorpio, “I’ll be right here “, the “PR ” Man, often dreams of chasing rabbits, “Hey, you gonna eat that? “, He’s a lover not a cat fighter, Best friend, “I’m a Dog not a Rat “, Gaze into my big brown eyes, I’ll lick ya if you don’t pet me, Oooh look: a ball!