Commercial Window Tint & Film

What window tint can do for your business:

Reduce your energy bills. There’s nothing like a big bay window to draw customers into your shop, or a window view of the garden for your favorite office dwellers. However, the Austin sun is unforgiving, and those big, attractive windows can mean extremely high energy bills in the summer as you try to keep your customers comfortable. Sun Tint films block the infrared heat energy that makes your interiors toasty, while still allowing in the beautiful light that makes windows such a high commodity. This will lower your properties’ air conditioning bills, increase comfort and also control for glare — especially essential for offices, with so many workers operating on computer screens.

Decrease your carbon footprint. Lower energy consumption means fewer carbon emissions, so you’ll be doing your part to help combat global warming. Even better, Sun Tint uses only environmentally friendly window tint for its businesses, certified with an “Environmental Product Declaration” (EPD) and “Climate Declaration”. Together, these reports indicate that the line of window tint we use is essentially carbon negative; that is, the amount of carbon needed to produce, ship and dispose of the films is far less than the great reduction in carbon emissions they power in the businesses in which they are applied around the world.

Protect your residents from the harmful effects of sun damage. UV rays cause skin cancer and aging. They can also cause fading in furniture and finishes. Unfortunately, your residents and customers are not protected from these rays inside your buildings, as UV rays can pass easily through windows. In the long term, exposure to UV rays can give your interiors a shabby, aged feel. With window tint from Sun Tint, you’ll protect your customers and residents as well as your property by reflecting over 99% of harmful UV light.

Safeguard your business against break-ins. Breaking and entering is an unfortunate reality today, and dealing with the claims process and with patching up broken glass windows can be a real hassle. However, due to its flexible, plastic nature, solar control, decorative and privacy window film can help mitigate the effects of break-ins, as it will help glass stay together beneath heavy force. We also have heavier duty safety and security window films available for even more assurance. Together, these films can protect against everything from blast fragmentation to hail and tornado damage. They can also protect against more surface level damage, like scratches and acid etching. We can design a customized approach for your business, based on the number of layers you think you’ll need to protect your business and your residents.

Provide physical and electronic privacy. Window films come in a number of attractive shades, colors and finishes, so it’s easy to match or design a film that fits with the aesthetics of your residential or commercial building. Films will provide a high level of privacy to your residents and customers, making it difficult for people passing by to see inside. They also protect against electronic intrusion, as they block the electromagnetic interference (EMI) used to access Wi-Fi systems, cell phones and laptops. With window tints installed, you can assure your residents that their proprietary secrets, banking information, and other sensitive data is safe from outside intrusion.

Fortify public and private property against surface vandalism. There is a unique type of film that can be applied by Sun Tint to interior or exterior windows, mirrors or other nonporous surfaces as protection against paint, scratches, acid etching and other types of marking whether deliberate or accidental. In most cases, it is more affordable to simply replace a film that is easy to remove than to pay for specialized cleaning and restorative services.

Interested in learning more about how the Sun Tint professionals can increase the attractiveness of your residential or commercial building to prospective customers and renters? Contact us today for a customized plan!